Plot binding Akumoichi

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Plot binding Akumoichi

Post by Tsutsubell on Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:43 pm

So I am trying to hash out Akumo 2.0 and I wanted to find some better way to tie him into the story rather than just..their baby sitter.

When I was reading your post about the insane tree bearing the rotting fruit from hell I got an idea. Since They are allowed to eat the fruit, and that fruit is rotting. Perhaps before hand, Akumoichi was the guardian of that awful place?

He is already hundreds of years old, with powers and skills that tip onto the godly scale. I want to know what he could do in order to be more well woven into the story to have more than just an intimidating presence.

also I made a banner for him. I am sort of proud so I'm posting it.

But yeah. Contacting EITHER of you is hard XD so I figure why not make it into a discussion here to talk about it.

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Re: Plot binding Akumoichi

Post by CleverYamanaka on Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:02 pm

Alright. What we went over.

Akumoichi is really, really old, because he's resistant to his own element of decay, and therefore decay in all forms. He bares blades that also carry that rot chakra, so don't come at him with a sword.

Being old as hell, and exploring whatever connection he has with this Jinmenju tree, it's plausible that Akumoichi might have known the first Kuro. A woman who was, in 'ancient' times, or times before chakra, thought to have ascended to the ranks of god. Later, Kuro became widely accepted as the sister of Umi, the goddess of the oceans, even despite her human origin. That all aside, it's unlikely that he would have known about the more recent Kuro Ryoku.

He's a part of the Shadow Guards, which Juushon and Doukon put together with whatever help they received from Akumoichi; and if he was so old, and so connected to the demon Juushon now possesses, it's also very plausible that Akumoichi was one of the first members-- or even around before Juushon and Doukon 'technically' assembled Shadow Guards.

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